Emotional Awareness Training

  • Managing Burnout

    These workshops will be held online.

    Part One - Saturday 27th November 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

    Part Two - Saturday 4th December 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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  • Wild Brumby

    Our work at Wild Brumby teaches people how to navigate the emotional landscape of life and work, build the skills of a brumby, care for themselves and the mob and lead with confidence.


    The word brumby is thought to have derived from an Aboriginal word meaning wild. Brumbies are wild horses who have an excellent ability to navigate the at times harsh Australian landscape. They have innate physical power and are able to jump over obstacles, outpace most natural predators, adeptly navigate the terrain whilst also looking after the mob.


    We can learn much from the brumby, in particular how to care and nourish ourselves during times of change and stress.


















    Mind Body Communication

    Our mind and body are in constant communication. Sending and processing important messages about the status of our wellbeing.


    Stress, anxiety, headaches, problems sleeping, regularly being unwell, aches and pains, are some of the ways our bodies let us know something is not right.


    These symptoms are an internal early warning system, a sign, alerting us to take action.

    Building Connection 

    Wild Brumby teaches practical emotional and self awareness skills supporting people to better understand themselves and others in their world. Our training is focused on building human connection.


    Wild Brumby's programs teach how to engage in open dialogue with your mind and emotional body, helping reduce stress, make better decisions and lead a more joy filled life.













  • Emotional Body Training

    Getting to know our emotional body is an exciting and revealing journey. There are so many aspects driving us to succeed.


    Wild Brumby’s Emotional Body Training uncovers and explores the driving forces within, forces which support you to thrive.


    Whilst great allies, some of these same drivers lead us to experience anxiety and burn out.


    Emotional Body Training builds communication skills with our emotional body, helping better navigate the ever changing and at times challenging terrain.











    A profound journey of self discovery.

  • The Team

    Steve Grant

    Steve is a Clinical Osteopath, Chinese body work practitioner, lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology and executive facilitator. Steve's 25 years experience and work with people in large corporates, led him to a powerful program of work based on Voice Dialogue counselling techniques.

    Steve integrates his many years of alternative medicine practice with counselling, supporting people reduce stress, improve wellbeing and become more grounded and confident.


    Krystyna Weston

    Krystyna is an experienced corporate leader and entrepreneur who has long believed in the connection between mind and body.

    in 2009, Krystyna gained her diploma in Mind Body Counselling and has completed the Japanese healing art of Reiki I and II.

    Krystyna integrates her substantial business, leadership and professional development training experience with coaching and alternative healing modalities, supporting people connect to their purpose and potential.

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