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Bevel Bit also known as Wilkie Bit and Loop Bit.

Arion (Flair Equestrian)

Flair Bevel Bit (Wilkie)

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Very popular in the show ring in the UK when more control than a snaffle is needed.
- A very mild lever action causes the cheeks to tilt forwards and the mouthpiece to lift up.
- Very effective for ponies that poke their noses or are strung out.
- Has a mild gag action, and can be useful for jumping.
- Promotes outline, turning and gives extra gentle control- a step up from a snaffle.
- Can be especially useful for the child who does not possess either the technique or leg strength to obtain a nice round outline.


Shetland or Small Pony 4" (10cm)
 Pony 4.5" (11.5cm)
 Cob 5" (12.5cm)
 Full 5.75" (14.5cm)

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